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Your order number can be found in the email invoice you received. It starts with a "1" and is followed by 8 digits


Awaiting stock
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image product Men Shadow polo with short sleeve4
image product Men Shadow polo with short sleeve4

Order Status - What does this mean?

Awaiting Stock

This means that your order has been processed by our team, and our storefron t is running low or is out of stock of one or more of the items you have purchased. But do not worry! as ordinarily we are only waiting on our warehouse to deliver more stock to us, this could set us back anywhere between 2 and 10 working days.

Has your item been in this category for a while? It may be that our warehouse has also run out of stock for this item, in which case we will have emailed you offering a similar or improved item. Check your emails in case we have been in contact with you advising you of this.